Tax crimes

Our deep knowledge of the tax, accounting and tax planning together with our experience in judicial proceedings, allows us to offer solvent and rigorous advice within the scope of the tax crime.

In the field of tax crime, allegations or accusations contained in the reports and certificates issued by the actuaries of the tax agency, whose actions are presumed impartial and covered under the principle of legality, can be for single enough for the imposition of a sentence by the judges and courts of criminal jurisdictions that are not experts on a subject, the tax, which tends to raise issues of great complexity.

The Defense must combat actively those reports and records of any fitness to substantiate an eventual condemns and for this is necessary lawyers experts in the scope of the process criminal Economic and of the law fiscal.

Through the provision of our services We guarantee you:

A lawyer with extensive experience in economic criminal proceedings and an attorney experienced in tax law will personally direct his case.

Our advice shall be based on the discretion, confidentiality, professionalism, rigor and personalized service.

We will keep you informed throughout the process in detail.